BiNova Immobilien GmbH

Innovative real estate sales solution

Future-oriented, innovative, and very easy to use were our requirements, and that is exactly what the WolfVision system delivers,” said real estate developer Willi Schmeh. His company, BiNova Immobilien, based in Kressbronn am Bodensee, Germany, has developed an exceptional apartment complex on the banks of Lake Constance. Situated on the site of the former Bodan–Werft shipyard, this modern living environment compliments perfectly its beautiful, historic lakeside setting.

BiNova Immobilien GmbH

High quality, durability, and sustainability are important considerations in property development, and they were also key criteria when equipping the meeting room space at the real estate office. A WolfVision VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer, vSolution Cynap system, and 80 inch touchscreen display were installed, and this complete system satisfies all in-meeting requirements during customer and supplier discussions. There are no cables visible on the table, because when laptops, mobile phones, and tablets of any type are needed during meetings, all devices are connected wirelessly to Cynap. Original building plans can be placed on the table, and shown on-screen using the VZ-C6 Visualizer system. Customer needs are individually addressed, and any requests for changes added immediately using the Cynap annotation tools - with no need to alter the original documents.

Future-oriented, innovative, and very easy to use were our requirements, and that is exactly what the WolfVision system delivers,”
Willi Schmeh
CEO, BiNova Immobilien GmbH

Future plans for more Cynap systems

Content from the webcam, which documents the building process can be displayed on-screen with just a few clicks from a smartphone, with no need to pre-install any apps. If required, meetings are easily recorded, and copies of images and audio can be given directly to visitors on a USB stick after the meeting. “Whether it is pictures, lists, videos or any other type of information, whether it is data from my personal PC, or a cloud-stored PowerPoint presentation from a supplier, with this easy-to-use future-oriented system, I will always have all the information I need,” said Willi Schmeh about the WolfVision system. With a smile he adds: “And even if it turns out that the visitor is not interested in a property, it is still a pleasure to show everything that the Cynap system and Ceiling Visualizer can do.”

BiNova Immobilien GmbH


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