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An Essential Element of the Modern Courtroom

As technology advances, the relationship between the legal world and modern science continues to grow. Progress in legal technology is essential and improvements in courtroom processes and environments are developing very quickly. WolfVision Visualizers have been on the forefront of this evolution. The perfect presentation tool for any lawyer or attorney, WolfVision Visualizers are manufactured from the finest components available - delivering unsurpassed picture quality, true-to-life color reproduction, and meticulously sharp images. Currently used in trial proceedings, arraignments, courtroom telepresence, and evidence research, WolfVision Visualizers have become a key element of the modern courtroom.

The difference between an 'innocent' or 'guilty' verdict

In any judicial proceeding, decisions and verdicts depend not only on laws and precedents, but also on the perceptions of the judges and jurors. Neither the Defense nor the Prosecution can risk their case being lost in the haze of insufficient evidence. When small details become the primary focus in a high profile case, clear evidence presentation can help to define whether the result will be a conviction or acquittal. WolfVision Visualizers allow all materials to be displayed to the court without any loss of image quality. No details are concealed from the audience, which greatly assists in the making of clear judgments. Even last minute evidence can be immediately displayed, without any need for lengthy prior preparation.

Visualizer in courtroom

Display of courtroom evidence

Visualizers have been used in New York State courtrooms for the last ten years, to allow comprehensive and detailed presentation of evidence materials. Brian DiGiovanna, Special Advisor for Courtroom Technology at the New York Supreme Court says, "When it comes to presentations, the end product on the monitor is what's important for jurors, judges and attorneys. Charts are purposely done with a lot of colors to make them more persuasive and clearer to follow. If the colors are not reproduced correctly, they lose the effect. When we saw the images produced by the WolfVision Visualizers, the difference in quality was obvious to all users. The colors are reproduced accurately, 3-dimensional objects are displayed better and the pictures in general are much clearer." In a courtroom used for matrimonial and commercial cases, a Visualizer is used to present issued cheques, signatures on agreements, details on written contracts, or photographs of buildings or crime scenes. "Visualizers are on top of the list. The WolfVision units are the only ones considered for this project because the image quality is by far the best on the market" says Brian DiGiovanna.

Karlsruhe County Court

In the past, at Karlsruhe County Court in Germany, visual inspections of evidence often led to disturbance and delay, as all parties such as lawyers, witnesses, the accused etc, had to perform inspections at the judge's bench. The introduction of a WolfVision VZ-9plus in 2007 has considerably simplified and improved this procedure. The administration manager from the Karlruhe County Court, Senior Government Counsellor Waldenberger emphasised, "The use of the WolfVision Visualizer, especially during a jury trial, has been positively acknowledged by the judges. The WolfVision Visualizer has been used in every case in the jury Courtroom and also in the main Criminal Chamber. Apart from the outstanding image quality, the most important factors are the ease of use and the reliability of the WolfVision Visualizer."

Telepresence in court cases

Telepresence in Court proceedings or “Telecourt” has been a growing trend in recent years. Providing overburdened court systems with the possibility to hold remote sessions has significantly expedited the judicial process, by enabling prisoner arraignments, assignment of counsel meetings, and witness or expert testimony to be heard without the need for expensive and time consuming traveling. A WolfVision Visualizer fits perfectly into this environment. Used in combination with modern Videoconferencing systems, the Visualizer makes it possible to easily display documents and supporting evidence to judges and parties from remote locations. It is no surprise that WolfVision Visualizers are found in more and more modern courtrooms every year.

Training of lawyers

Deeply involved in legal education and training, courtroom design, and special needs assessments, The Center for Legal and Courtroom Technology is a world center for empirical and legal research in courtroom technology. The heart of CLCT is the McGlothlin Courtroom, a state-of-the-art blend of technology and courtroom design. A key element of the courtroom is the WolfVision VZ-9plus³. Martin Gruen, Deputy Director of Courtroom Design and Technology states, “The latest VZ-9plus³ model includes features that have made it ideal for courtroom and classroom training applications.” As part of an extensive training regimen, all William & Mary Law School students try simulated cases using the courtroom and its technology.

Forensics training

In the field of forensics, a successful investigation depends on how well researchers are trained and prepared. The Anatomy Physiology Hall at Waubonsee Community College in Illinois has an impressive setup, containing two human cadaver labs. Using a WolfVision VZ-C32³ Ceiling Visualizer, professors can display different examples of organs and tissue to students by zooming in and focusing on detailed sections of the human body. Managing the technology at the College, Merle Tuntland notes that before the Visualizer it was very "difficult and time consuming to show each student the cadaver as it is dissected." He adds, "The fantastic quality of the camera and the illuminated area were major factors," in choosing WolfVision for their needs.

Easy to operate - leaving you free to concentrate on the delivery of professional training

The training of lawyers and forensics experts is challenging and demanding, and it also requires the utmost concentration. The key requirement for every lecturer or professor is to be able to concentrate on delivering an effective lecture. That is why it is important that all WolfVision Visualizers are extremely easy to use, and do not impose any technical challenges on the speaker, making them the perfect solution for use in these highly specialized fields.

The application of WolfVision Visualizers in courtrooms and the legal profession Entire Visualizer Series icon PDF download
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College of William and Mary
Center for Legal and Court Technology Williamsburg, VA, USA
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