Supplier Quick Test

Are we the right Partner for you - are you the right partner for us?

Even when we build long term partnerships, we continue to search for new suppliers. This is not a contradiction in terms, as it is due to increasing supplier specialisation, at the same time as a diversification of our own application requirements. In general, our main product groups can be summarised as follows:

  • Electronics: - PCBs (EMS), test equipment, displays, power supplies
  • Lighting: - Lamps, fibre optics, reflectors, lasers
  • Optics: - Image sensors, glasswork, complete optics
  • Mechanical: - Sheet metalwork, machining, die casting, injection moulding
  • Packaging: - Cardboard, special packaging

  • Our profile

    Products: High end Visualizers Innovative; functional; long lasting; ahead of the competition
    Market: We produce for – and supply the entire World
    Batches: 50 – 4,000

    ☑ - High quality parts ☑ - 100% quality control/visual inspection
    ☑ - 100% handbuilt by trained personnel
    ☑ - Traceability of components
    ☑ - Maximum customer support (sales network of qualified partners and Worldwide service solutions)
    ☑ - Certification to ISO 9001:2008

    ☑ - In-house mechanics; electronics; software and optics development
    ☑ - Clean room
    ☑ - In-house optical laboratory

    ☑ - Zero consumption of fossil fuels
    ☑ - Usage of recyclable materials
    ☑ - 100% waste separation
    ☑ - DIN EN 14001 certification and DIN EN 50001

    ☑ - Direct and honest relationships with all partners
    ☑ - Reliability (trust and support)☑ - Goodwill
    ☑ - Fair payment practices
    ☑ - Cooperation and quality before price

    Supplier qualification

    What WolfVision expects from a partner

    Accessibility: Situated maximum 1 hours drive from A-6833 Klaus
    Batches: 50-4,000
    CAD: Ideally Solidworks

    ☐ - Pioneering!
    ☐ - CAD - Connection
    ☐ - Test plans (continuous use in production)
    ☐ - Production documentation
    ☐ - Occasional use of FMEA and 8D methodology
    ☐ - Certification alone is not enough

    ☐ - Flexibility (short response times, fast implementation)
    ☐ - Reliability (reliable quality, extra jobs are possible without additional contracts)
    ☐ - Extended guarantee/warranty
    ☐ - Willingness to undertake joint development work
    ☐ - Openness (eg. about financial problems, or criticism)

    Security of supply
    ☐ - Warehousing of raw and finished products
    ☐ - Automatic info and response to shortages of materials
    ☐ - Open to using Kanban or similar concepts for stock consignments

    Supplier questionnaire

    If you believe you meet our requirements, we invite you to apply to be our supplier and partner. To do this, please download and complete the supplier questionnaire as fully as possible, and send it to purchase@wolfvision.net



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