Purchasing Philosophy

"A company is only as good as its employees" is a common phrase. We broaden this sentence to read: "A company is only as good as its partners". And by "partners", we mean everybody with whom we work together: naturally our work colleagues, but also our suppliers and our customers. These partnerships depend upon give and take, from which all those involved will benefit. Our supplier relationships are based on this philosophy, and on the following core ideas:


We are a medium sized company, that holds its own in an international market. Our competitors are global players, large companies, who have far greater internal resources than WolfVision. Neverthless, WolfVision leads the Visualizer market, and is the company that sets the trends. This is made possible through a network of partners - companies and consultants, whose 'know how' combines with WolfVision expertise to enable us to consistently produce innovative and market leading products.

Fairness and goodwill

We want to be a good partner. We stand by our word. We don't apply pressure on price, but allow the partners room to breathe. We talk openly, and we expect others to talk openly with us. We expect quality, but we are also aware that small amounts of work done by hand may be involved, and that this handworking means the possibity of mistakes. We do not claim for every mistake, and we do not usually reinvoice for internal rework.

Reliability and loyalty

One doesn't find partners on every street corner. Partnership must develop. Therefore we do not switch suppliers because of a small difference of opinion, or to make small cost savings. Our supplier relationships are designed to be long term. In order to meet demand for materials necessary for production, we place frame contracts with suppliers. This is more than just a forecast as it includes our guarantee to take the specified quantities. Problems are discussed openly, and joint solutions sought.

Quality and ethics

We give our cusomers a five year guarantee on our products, and also considerable goodwill. This shows the confidence that we have in our products and emphasises the demands that we place on ourselves. We expect that our suppliers will also meet these demands.

At the same time we are aware of our responsibilities for the environment and human life. Ecology and ethics are criteria for our supplier selection. This includes the location of the supplier, the conscious handling of raw materials, the use of reusable packaging, the prevention of the use of conflict minerals and of child labour.



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