A range of shipping and carrying cases are available to order as accessory items for WolfVision Visualizers.

  Description Article number
Soft carrying case for WolfVision VZ-3 Visualizer Soft carrying case for VZ-3neo, VZ-8neo 105300
Carrying case for WolfVision VZ-8 Visualizer Soft carrying case for the desktop VZ-8light4 and VZ-8plus4 models. 102423
Carrying case for WolfVision VZ-9 Visualizer Soft carrying case for the desktop VZ-9plus3. 103119
  Description Article number
Carrying case for WolfVision VZ-9.4 Visualizer Optional soft carrying case for the VZ-9.4F and VZ-9.4L Desktop Visualizers. 110797
WolfVision solid flight case A solid flight case, specially designed for rail, truck or air transportation is available for all Visualizer models. Weight. 12 kg (26 lbs). Further details on request.


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