Staffordshire University

Flexible teaching in active learning classroom with Cynap

Niall Anderson from UK magazine InAVate visited Staffordshire University to take a look at how a WolfVision Cynap system is transforming collaboration in the classroom. Located in the University Business School, the new room provides a flexible active learning space that enables seamless interaction between students and staff. This installation of Cynap, which was the first to be installed anywhere in the world was implemented by one of our UK partners Pure AV. The report is extremely interesting and detailed, describing the university requirements, their description of the changes in learning styles taking place, plus their reaction to the new system.

University of Staffordshire

The idea is to create a flexible and adaptable room able to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles"
Mark Savage
Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Staffordshire University

University of Staffordshire

To read the full story download a copy of the pdf below:


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