Ceiling Visualizer technology


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WolfVision C Series Visualizer systems can either be integrated into a suspended ceiling, or mounted directly onto the ceiling, just like a projector. The speaker's table or lecturn remains free of equipment so that nothing disturbs the view between the speaker and the audience during a presentation, and objects to be displayed can be easily moved around the entire tabletop surface.

A synchronized lightfield shines down onto the desk, highlighting the pick-up area of the camera, showing exactly where to place display materials.

Two different C Series models are available. They have different cameras but otherwise identical features:

VZ-C123 = 1-CCD camera
VZ-C323 = 3-CCD camera ( for 100% maximum color accuracy)
Ceiling Visualizer VZ C12/C32
Ceiling Visualizer VZ C12/C32


Synchronized Lightfield

WolfVision's patented Synchronized Lightfield allows for very easy and intuitive positioning of objects.
The illuminated part of the working surface is always identical to the pick-up area of the camera. So a user always knows exactly where to put his objects or documents.
When zooming in and out, the size of this lightfield changes accordingly.

Keep your Table Free

The basic idea behind the Ceiling Visualizer is to keep the speaker's table or lectern free, so that nothing disturbs the view between the speaker and audience.

Depth of Focus

The Ceiling Visualizers are equipped with professional telezoom lenses with very high depth of focus.
This is very important for working with larger 3-dimensional objects. Even at high magnification, they are always sharp from top to bottom. The Visualizers are equipped with a One-Push-Autofocus. However due to the great depth of focus, it is rarely necessary to adjust the focus.

Shadow Free

As the camera and the light projector are situated side by side within the Visualizer and follow the same path, shadows are almost completely eliminated.
During a presentation, it is often necessary to write something on a document on the working surface or to point to a certain detail with a finger or a pencil. The Visualizers are perfectly suited for this, as there are practically no shadows covering up important details.


16x Optical Zoom

The Ceiling Visualizers come with professional telezoom lenses with 16x optical zoom factor. In combination with the 4x digital zoom, the total zoom range of the new Ceiling Visualizers is 64x.
This allows for the installation in rooms with differing heights. The Ceiling Visualizers can zoom in very closely, as well as picking up very large objects.
The actual sizes of the largest and the smallest picture the unit can pick up depends on the installation height. Use the following link to calculate distance and image sizes:

Distance Calculation Tables
Distance / Zoom range calculation program.

High Resolution 1-CCD/3-CCD

The difference between the two Ceiling Visualizers is the built-in camera. The VZ-C123 comes with a state of the art 1-CCD SXGA- camera with 820 lines resolution, while the VZ-C323 features a 3-CCD SXGA- camera with 1200 lines resolution and 100% lifelike colors.
The high end scaler of the Visualizers can scale the picture at the image source. As a result the picture quality is not only perfect in native resolution, but also in all scaled signal formats.


The Visualizer can be connected to a computer using the USB port. Communication is possible via WolfVision vSolution Link (Connectivity Software) or a dedicated WIA, Twain or video capture driver.
The USB Host port can be used for connecting USB sticks and other "passive" USB devices. USB sticks can be used as an extension of the image memory and for uploading and downloading images.

Internal/External Image Memory

The user has the opportunity to store 9 images in the internal memory of the unit and recall them by just pressing one of the numerical keys on the infrared remote control.
By pressing the "View All" key, a split image with all 9 pictures of the memory can be displayed, enabling easy selection. When a USB stick is connected to the unit, the image memory can be extended to an almost unlimited number of images (upper limit is the size of the USB stick).

External Controlling

A wide range of connectivity options ensures that effective external controlling is possible. Serial RS232, USB, LAN and infrared connections can be used to control the Visualizers from external devices, such as a room control system, a videoconferencing system or a computer. When connected to a WLAN router, Ceiling Visualizers can also be controlled using WolfVision's smartphone apps. The big advantage of this is the Live Preview display function.



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