Arizona State University - College of Law

Arizona State University - College of Law

In August 2004, The College of Law at Arizona State University completed its 21st century courtroom project in Armstrong Hall. The new courtroom provides a notable example of modern technologies that are enhancing litigation practices and decision making capabilities in courts throughout the US. The WolfVision Progressive Scan Visualizer VZ-9 series compliments a wide range of presentation and annotation devices and is used to display evidence live on four strategically placed monitors and on the retractable wall-mounted screen.

Arizona State University - College of Law

The ability to instantly share information simultaneously among participants, and to provide clear pictures and detailed closeups of evidence material in any needed perspective, creates a vastly more efficient and qualitatively superior experience for both litigants and the court according to many judges and attorneys. The construction of the Visualizer allows courtroom staff to open the drawer of the presentation lectern, which can be closed and locked when not in use, and be able to neatly lift up the arm of the device for fast and easy operation. This feature optimizes the use of space and increases the security level.

The images are transferred by cable to a projector or to monitors, enabling the presentation lectern to be moved to alternate locations in the room without requiring a defined distance from the screen. The trial-ready court room is used by a large number of frequently changing students for trial practice clinics and demonstrations, as well as by attorneys from the Valley's legal community. The simple operation of the unit, eliminating the use of confusing and unnecessary buttons, allows even unfamiliar users to operate the WolfVision Visualizer with ease. They can concentrate on what is most important during their court room presentation: their audience and the message they need to get across.

"As technology develops, we have to incorporate it as part of the lawyering process. The implemented technologies greatly enhance the courtroom's teaching capabilities."
Catherine O'Grady
Professor of Law and Executive Director of Clinical Programs

Preview monitor enables smooth preparation and presentation of evidence

The freeze function of the Visualizer enables the presenters to change to the next piece of evidence professionally and easily. By pressing the freeze button, it keeps the image of the previously presented object on display. This way, they can discreetly place the next object on the working surface of the VZ-9 Visualizer and zoom in on the right detail without the audience getting distracted. The presenters can conveniently preview the next image on the intergrated Preview Monitor. By pressing the freeze button again, the "frozen" image disappears and the next piece of evidence is perfectly displayed again live on the monitors.

The ASU courtroom installation includes a video annotation device which allows judges and witnesses to annotate, draw or highlight on images displayed by the Visualizer directly on their touchsensitive LCD monitors. The same capability is available at the monitor on the presentation lectern. Both Visualizer images and annotations are displayed simultaneously and in real-time motion, thus allowing prompt reaction and interactivity.

The possibility to switch between the Visualizer image and the image on laptops, VHS or DVD players, brought in by remote witnesses by videoconferencing, help to facilitate courtroom procedures and allow for real time transcriptions. Many litigators and judicial officers believe the quality of courtroom process and the pace of trial procedures have been greatly improved.

Arizona State University - College of Law


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