WolfVision BYOD Pack

BYOD Pack for VZ-3neo, VZ-8neo, VZ-8light4,
VZ-8plus4, and EYE-14

This feature pack provides a WLAN stick and firmware upgrade, giving wireless connectivity which allows VZ-3neo, VZ-8neo, VZ-8light4, VZ-8plus4, and EYE-14 systems to be used with the vSolution Connect apps for iOS and Android.

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WolfVision remote control pack

Remote Pack for VZ-8neo, VZ-8light4

The VZ-8light4 Visualizer can be upgraded to include some additional useful features using the optional Remote Feature Pack. This feature pack comprises an Infrared remote control plus other extra features that are available after upgrading the firmware:

Upgrade Features

  • Infrared remote control
  • Memory extension via USB stick
  • 9 image internal memory
  • Seamless cross-fading between image sources
  • User-defined settings can be stored on USB stick
  • Live to freeze comparison (Picture in Picture)
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The following table provides an feature pack overview
of VZ-8 Visualizers:

wolfvision security feature pack

Security Feature Pack

A security feature pack is available for VZ-3neo, VZ-8neo, VZ-8light4, VZ-8plus4, VZ-9.4F, VZ-9.4L, VZ-C6, and EYE-14 units. When activated this feature pack provides the following:
  • Snapshot function is disabled
  • Video recording is disabled
  • Freeze function is disabled
  • No possibility to downgrade to older firmware version
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