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Since holding its first classes on campus in 1957, The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has transformed itself from a small branch college into a thriving urban research institution. This urban university has become an indispensable resource in one of the country‘s fastest growing and most enterprising cities, offering more than 350 bachelor‘s, master‘s, and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields, which are taught by 850 faculty members.

A valued WolfVision customer for more than ten years, UNLV recognizes the benefit of high- performance on-screen imaging in its classrooms, and use Visualizers in classrooms of all sizes for on-screen display of books, 3-dimensional objects, and other materials. Previously there was a standard to have two whiteboards at the front of every classroom, but because the Visualizer is often also used to display handwriting on-screen, there is now a transition away from whiteboards in the classroom.

WolfVision vSolution Cam Visualizer / document camera at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

In 2017 UNLV began purchasing vSolution Cam Visualizers when 16 units were installed in the Hospitality Hall, and these robustly designed document cameras have now become the standard installed camera on campus, progressively rolled out to every department since. As of December 2020, UNLV have more than 50 units in use, having just completed the installation of an additional 27 units.

A WolfVision dry-erase working surface is used to facilitate capture of handwritten notes, or alternatively in some classrooms, the entire lectern surface is sometimes laminated with a writable surface from Spectrum Industries. UNLV selected vSolution Cam as an elegant, compact, robust, and easy-to-use imaging system, offering excellent imaging quality. Its 1080pHD output resolution and 10x zoom make it ideal for the smaller classrooms where it is primarily installed. It can be powered by PoE, and is rock solid when securely bolted to the lectern.

WolfVision vSolution cam document camera / Visualizer

If you’re looking for a well-engineered, solid piece of hardware, then look no further.

Senior A/V Systems Specialist, CTS-I, DMC-E-4K, Classroom Technology Services - University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The new theatre room 109, located in the Flora Dungan Humanities (FDH) building is a much larger teaching space, with capacity for 256 students. Originally designed as part of the film department, its larger screens required a more powerful imaging solution than the vSolution Cam, where materials such as old scripts, sometimes even handwritten, and not possible to scan, could be presented on-screen. In this classroom UNLV has installed a WolfVision VZ-8.UHD, a powerful 4K Visualizer with the ability to display content in fine detail on a big screen.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, this learning space has found an additional role as a suitable place to teach mathematics, engineering, economics, etc., where there is a need to write out and explain equations, whilst at the same time being able to show them to large audiences (or smaller audiences who are spread out for proper social distancing). With its ultra-high-definition camera and 64x zoom, images are always crystal clear, even when zooming in closely on materials.

In the future, UNLV will continue to use vSolution Cam units in its smaller classrooms and install the more powerful VZ-8.UHD in rooms where larger screens are required, and in speciality labs such as in the Medical school, where 4K high performance imaging is essential. WolfVision units are integrated into Crestron infrastructure facilitating room-to-room streaming if required, and Visualizer content can also be recorded via Panopto.

WolfVision is extremely proud to play such an important supporting role in student education at the UNLV and looks forward to providing support and advice to this leading educational institution for many years to come.

Products Used

Macchina fotografica per documenti / Visualizzatore WolfVision vSolution Cam, anteriore
vSolution Cam
  • Compact, easy to use, affordable
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Adjustment-free lighting
  • Automatic operation
Telecamera per documenti / Visualizer VZ-8.UHD, anteriore
  • Native 4K UHD Visualizer system
  • Touchscreen control & preview monitor
  • 4K recording & streaming
  • Remote management & updating

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