Information about optional remote controls

Applicable for Cynap Pro, VZ-8neo.UHD, and VZ-8.UHD models only

Do you need a remote control?

Innovation, quality, and sustainability are the three main pillars of WolfVision corporate strategy, and form the basis of its corporate culture. Green initiatives are introduced wherever possible in order to minimise the company's environmental footprint.

Many customers have given us feedback that they do not require a remote control to be delivered as standard with Cynap Pro, VZ-8neo.UHD, and VZ-8.UHD models.

In view of this, and to avoid unnecessary wastage, a remote control is not delivered with these models. However, for customers that need a remote control for these models, they are available free-of-charge on request at the time of purchase.

Please send an email to [email protected] including the serial number(s) of your newly purchased units so that we can complete your request.