Supporting hybrid learning - today and for the future

A consistent learning experience for both in-classroom & remote students

The centre of the modern hybrid classroom

The Covid-19 pandemic forced almost every educational institution to act quickly, introducing technology to move learning online, or adopting hybrid teaching modality with some students present in the classroom, and others simultaneously attending remotely.

Following the pandemic, the use of collaboration tools supporting multi-modal and hybrid teaching models has rapidly become the norm. The demand for simultaneous teaching for both in-person and remote-participants in classroom environments has triggered a massive change in the way schools, colleges and universities are approaching course design both for now and for the future.

WolfVision Cynap solutions are helping educational institutions to provide the flexible infrastructure necessary to support this transformation. 


Hybrid learning across your entire campus!

There's no need to be restricted by cost and complexity to installation of a small number of ‘flagship’ collaborative learning spaces - educational institutions can now choose from a product line of four cost-effective, easy-to-use Cynap models, suitable for rapid deployment, and each with different specification levels making them suitable for rooms of various sizes -  but importantly with an identical user interface. 

"By selecting a combination of Cynap Pure Pro, Core Pro and Cynap systems, schools, colleges and universities are now able for the first time to create hybrid spaces of any size, right across their campuses, ensuring that access  is not restricted to a lucky few."  Jonathan Owen. WolfVision Solutions Architect

Users can move seamlessly between small classrooms, large lecture halls and active learning environments, without encountering any technology challenges, and to easily control these systems without requiring additional support.

A consistent learning experience for all students at University of Westminster using WolfVision Cynap.

By selecting a combination of Cynap Pure Pro, Core Pro and Cynap systems, schools,colleges and universities are now able for the first time to create hybrid spaces of any size, right across their campuses, ensuring that access  is not restricted to a lucky few.

Solutions Architect - WolfVision

Room-to-room streaming & webcasting

The ability to send or receive network streams helps to extend a classroom and increase the flexibility of learning spaces. When social distancing is required or where there is a need to cater for overflow classes, on-screen content can be easily streamed ‘live’ to one or more locations.

Room scheduling challenges due to oversubscribed classes, and the ability to stream to additional learning spaces to incorporate a larger cohort - even for a temporary period is a huge advantage. Streaming to additional classrooms with 2-way communication is also useful for sanitary reasons, for example in cases when classes are involving medical procedures.  


WolfVision Cynap is used to stream teaching content live between laboratories at The University of Westminster

Bringing your own meeting!

Cynap systems enable you to bring your own meeting, and run your Zoom and Microsoft Teams classes easily. The huge advantage over other solutions is that you can share the multi-source, multi-media on-screen content materials simultaneously with both in-room and remote students.

The goal is to provide a consistent learning experience for all students, especially when classes are moved online.

Your all-in-one Cynap presentation and collaboration solution gives you the flexibility to switch between in-room, online or hybrid modality whenever it is required.

Flexible learning for all!

Making classes available to remote students who may not be able to physically attend a class, either by live streaming, or simultaneously lecture capture is an important way to provide access for all students.

Simple functionality that enables on-screen content to be streamed out to individual student laptops, smartphones and tablets also provides benefits in making lesson content easily available to larger audiences, and also supports students who may have special learning needs which can be met by enabling them to view live teaching activities on their own device.

Hybrid learning experience: face-to-face and online events can be combined with the WolfVision Cynap systems.

Technology for today - and for the future!

For many technology natives, the transition to remote working and online collaboration has been relatively straightforward, however, it’s always been a key requirement when designing WolfVision products that they are extremely easy to use. 

We want to make them accessible and uncomplicated to operate also for the many completely new users who are embracing change, and adapting to new tools and technologies supporting hybrid learning modality.

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