vSolution App

Get more from your WolfVision systems

Key features

WolfVision systems do not require the use of dongles, additional apps or software before they can be used. However there are a number of useful features such as recording content material onto a mobile device from a Cynap, or remote controlling a Visualizer via a smartphone or tablet, that we make available via our vSolution App.

  • Receive and record a stream of presentation and lecture content from a Cynap system onto your own mobile device.
  • For Android and iOS users in network environments where the mDNS / Bonjour service (device discovery protocols) have been disabled, the app enables users to mirror screen content to Cynap, Cynap Core, or Cynap Pure system via AirPlay or Chromecast. Cynap systems can be added automatically as receivers, and the listed devices are sorted in order of proximity.
  • The latest Windows, macOS. iOS, and Android versions of vSolution App support the multi-platform web conferencing feature for Cynap, and can be used as a convenient web conferencing controller when using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebRTC web conferences.
  • An easy-to-use remote control function enables presenters to connect to a WolfVision Visualizer or Cynap system, and then use the intuitive touchscreen interface to control their content materials wirelessly from their own mobile device.


System Requirements


  • Windows 10 x64, or Windows 11 x64 (running on officially supported hardware)
  • Minimum CPU Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 (higher is recommended)
  • Minimum 8GB RAM


  • macOS 12 Limited functionality: BYOM not available
  • macOS 13 and above, all features supported

iOS / iPadOS

  • iOS /iPadOS 14 or higher


  • Android 11 or higher

Check the vSolution App manual for further details