Standard Warranty Terms for WolfVision Products

1. General

WolfVision guarantees its Visualizer and camera products to be free from defective materials and faulty workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of dispatch (date of invoice) for units shipped after the 1st of April 2011.

WolfVision vSolution Cynap, Cynap Core, and Cynap Core Pro product line is guaranteed to be free from defective materials and faulty workmanship for a period of 3 years (1 year for CPU and SSD). An optional warranty extension of an additional 2 years can be purchased from the date of dispatch (date of invoice) to a total period of 5 years (1 year CPU and SSD remains).

The warranty period for Cynap Pure and Cynap Pure Pro is 3 years (1 year for SSD). An optional warranty extension is not available.

If, during this warranty period, the product should fail due to defective materials or faulty workmanship, all defective parts/components will either be replaced or repaired. WolfVision will account for all spare parts and labor. In such a case all products must be labelled with a WolfVision "Return-Merchandise-Authorization Number" and sent to a WolfVision Service Center. Shipments without an RMA number will not be accepted. Therefore, prior to any return shipment, a WolfVision Service Center must be contacted to obtain an RMA number and to clarify the shipping method and shipping address.
Replaced parts are WolfVision's property. This warranty does not include claims for nullification of the sale, depreciation (reduction of the value) or claim damages.

2. Dead on arrival (DOA)

If the product fails immediately after arrival due to defective materials or faulty workmanship, it will be exchanged for a new model by WolfVision as soon as possible. This is not applicable for damages caused by disregard of the user manual. In all other cases WolfVision will decide whether the faulty product will be replaced or repaired.

3. This warranty does not cover any of the following

a) Damages inflicted locally e.g. installation errors, fire, lightning strikes etc.
b) Units where the serial number is missing or was manipulated.
c) Damages due to disregard of the user manual, e.g. connecting the unit with the incorrect mains voltage or for damages caused by careless handling or improper use.
d) Defects resulting from repairs, adaptations or adjustments which have been made to the unit without WolfVision's prior consent.
e) Old or worn-out parts e.g. bulbs, broken parts made of glass or scratched mirrors.
f) Damages of the system into which the unit is incorporated.
g) Damages during transport due to improper packing (therefore original packing should be kept or can be ordered from WolfVision on loan).

Transit damage or loss

All shipments are insured from WolfVision up to the first consignee (in most cases the Dealer/Distributor). Reimbursement can only be claimed if the receiver (indicated on the packing list) complies with the following instructions:

a) All shipments should be inspected upon arrival. Any apparent damage on packing and/or product or loss noticeable upon delivery, must be noted and marked appropriately on all copies of the carrier's waybill. It is of utmost importance that the driver signs all copies in acknowledgement.
b) The carrier should perform a detailed inspection of all respective damages.
c) A claim should be filed with the carrier.
d) All documents, paperwork etc. should be faxed to WolfVision.

If the receiver detects damage / loss upon opening the package and / or the equipment, the receiver must file a claim with the carrier within 48 hours after delivery and, then, notify WolfVision in writing accordingly.
In the event that the receiver detects damage / loss and does not file a claim with the carrier within 48 hours, WolfVision will not be obliged to replace the product, reimburse any damage costs or any other relevant costs incurred. However, WolfVision will co-operate with the purchaser and, if possible, try to recover any incurred costs from their insurer.

In the case of not having received a shipment within one week of receiving the shipping details, WolfVision must be informed immediately. Insurance can not be guaranteed if a claim reaches WolfVision later than 10 days after shipment.

A guarantee repair does not extend the warranty period or start a new warranty period of the unit.

In case of any complaint please contact your nearest WolfVision office or send an email to [email protected]