Videnpark, Fredericia, Denmark

High level Visualizer solution for 'Knowledge Park'

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Main conference room for the business park.

Videnpark is not just another office block, but more a meeting place for innovative knowledge and consulting companies who are prepared to network with other similar companies to achieve optimal results. All offices on site see growth potential in this innovative environment. Sharing the same site not only brings the benefits of a wide range of knowledge within walking distance, this way they can also afford highest AV standards, giving young businesses the competitive edge. It's not just coincidence the facilities are called Videnpark, meaning "Knowledge Park". The so-called "War Room" is the main conference room of the business park. The demands for the AV equipment were high, having to meet the needs of a large selection of companies under one roof. Now being one of Scandinavia's most advanced conference rooms, it is also used by many companies nearby.

Videnpark - an innovative meeting place rather than an ordinary office block
Videnpark - an innovative meeting place rather than an ordinary office block

In addition to all essential AV tools, they also needed a versatile presentation device to present printed documents or 3-dimensional products throughout all businesses in an easy and straight-forward manner. The idea to continue with the overhead projector seemed old-fashioned, limiting them to only transparencies. When offered WolfVisions Portable Visualizer, they knew that they found their ideal device. Annie Brink-Koch, Managing Director of the Videnpark, says; "It's a worthwhile investment. The Visualizer saves our people a considerable amount of time, effort and material to present their documents or products. Their preparation time ahead of the meeting has reduced considerably; they don't need to think about producing transparencies anymore, don't need to make photocopies to hand out or expect interruptions like when things were passed around during the meeting before they had the Visualizer. The attendees get provided with large and clear images of everything they place on the Visualizer. ”With the Visualizer connected to their Interactive Whiteboard, they can transfer images of non-digitised information or products from the Visualizer onto the Whiteboard. This way, the Visualizer becomes a scanner for 3-dimensional objects.

It's a worthwhile investment. The Visualizer saves our people a considerable amount of time, effort and material to present their documents or products.

Managing Director - Videnpark

It proves extremely handy for product meetings in the development stage - particularly, when notes have to be added. The finished results can be saved afterwards and emailed to the attendees as JPG, BMPor TIF file for reference purposes. These are simply placed on the Visualizer and the CODEC of the Videoconferencing system transfers a screenfilling image to their meeting partners. This way, product photos do not need to be taken anymore and emailed to their communication partners ahead of the meeting or their meeting partners no longer need to travel on site to be able to take part in the discussion, saving a considerable amount of time and costs.

Contrary to still photos, the Visualizer offers them the advantage of transferring live images. This gives them the flexibility that products can be turned and shown from all angles and zoomed in on details however they need it. According to Annie Brink-Koch, the WolfVision Visualizer has become a well integrated part of many meetings. All images are clearly shown on a high resolution rear projection display which is split into four projection cubes. Being able to use the screens individually, they display information originating from their laptops simultaneously with product samples or meeting papers placed on the Visualizer. The Visualizer is also connected to the video conferencing system. This is often used to show documents or products to their videoconferencing partners.

Meeting room presentation

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