What makes our wireless presentation systems unique?

vSolution Cynap™ Pure

Cynap Pure: Perfect wireless presentation for education and business

If you are looking for a BYOD wireless presentation solution for your school, college, university or company, Cynap Pure is an ideal system. 

Cynap Pure is the leading BYOD solution, used  worldwide in classrooms, huddle spaces, meeting and training rooms for high quality app-free, dongle-free on-screen presentation of content of all types from any smartphone, laptop or tablet.


This industry-leading BYOD ("Bring your own Device") solution offers crystal clear 4K UHD resolution, unsurpassed ease of use, simultaneous display content from of 4 devices, Windows Touchback functionality, together with unique professional implementation functions not available on any othe competitor systems. 

Key features
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No apps, no cables, no hassle
We support screen mirroring with AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast, so no apps, dongles or additional software are required when sharing content wirelessly onto the screen from any smartphone, laptop or tablet.
Remote management & administration
Our vSolution Link Pro software is available free of charge and enables easy remote setup, monitoring, management and updating of multiple systems in different locations.
Professional integration
Cynap Pure can be set up and used immediately. Settings are easy to configure and customisable API modules are available for professional integration.
Free firmware, no license fees
Regular firmware updates provide you with new features and improvements that help maximize your ROI and extend the life of your investment.
Enterprise level security
Custom-built, closed, Linux system offering 100% wireless data encryption, IEEE802.1x authentication, plus customisable security features giving you the level of protection you require.
3 Years Warranty
Cynap Pure / Pure Pro systems come with a 3 year limited warranty (1 year CPU and SSD). Optional warranty extension excluding CPU/SSD up to 5 years.
Powered by Intel
Powerful Intel NUC hardware provides the outstanding performance to deliver best-in-class, 4K UHD imaging plus a range of unique, professional features.

You need more? Support for hybrid learning environments

Hybrid learning modality supports simultaneous teaching for both in-person and remote-participants in classroom and meeting room environments.  WolfVision offers flexible solutions  with its Cynap and Visualizer systems! 

Regardless of the educational intentions of an educational institution and the preferences of the students, due to Covid-19 there is the possibility that either part of a class or even entire classes will not be present in-person for some periods during the school year due to quarantine or restrictive measures. Effective planning is essential to ensure that classes continue for all students in situations where some may be physically in the classroom and others may be attending online at the same time. 

Hybrid learning experience: face-to-face and online events can be combined with the WolfVision Cynap systems.
Hybrid learning experience: face-to-face and online events can be combined with the WolfVision Cynap systems.

When testing other products, their screen mirroring capabilities were not as stable as the WolfVision solution, which we found to be very solid, which was a key component for us.

Head of Infrastructure and Media Services - London Business School

Wireless technology for today - and for the future!

WolfVision systems are easy to understand and use. They help schools, colleges, universities, and businesses develop high-quality, engaging classroom and meeting content from multiple sources that encourage interaction and provide a consistent experience for all attendees, whether in-person or online. 

Innovation in working and learning using Cynap solutions is far more than just a response to the pandemic - it is also an opportunity to focus on improving how we communicate and collaborate for the longer term. 


Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings using WolfVision's vSolution App as a 'touchless' controller
Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings using WolfVision's vSolution App as a 'touchless' controller
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