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The ultimate in ease of use

The VZ-9.4L Visualizer system transforms the way multimedia content can be handled during presentations. It comes with integrated WLAN and audio, and features onboard HD recording functionality that allows complete multimedia presentation and lecture content to be captured. 

VZ-9.4L comes with a native WXGA/720p HD camera at 30fps - and unique Synchronized Lasermarkers for easy positioning of objects.

  • Award-winning design
  • Focus on usability
  • Unique synchronised lasermarkers
  • Recording & streaming capability
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Lecture capture made easy

On-board recording functionality enables entire presentations and lectures to be captured, providing a quick and easy solution for in-house production of training videos or lecture capture. 

Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-9.4, Meeting Whiteboard

Creating unique multimedia presentations

Recording functionality is not limited to the Visualizer's own camera and microphone, and external content such as PowerPoint, digital images, webpages, PDF's, etc. can be easily recorded together with voiceover audio.


Synchronized lasermarkers for easy object positioning

The VZ-9.4L is easier to operate than other Desktop Visualizers because its Synchronized Lasermarkers allow for simple 'one step' postitioning of objects. The lasermarkers are synchronized with the camera and adjust accordingly when zooming in and out.

Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-9.4L, Synchronized laser marking below

Imaging around the room

Rotating camera head with shake-free mount for picking up images and video from outside of the working surface.

Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-9.4, Rotating Camera
Additional Features
5 Years Warranty
All Visualizers come with a 5 year warranty and are 'built to last'
Anti-theft devices
Attach to a table using a table lock bolt or use a T-Lock (Kensington® Lock) device to protect your investment.
Element 1@512x-8
Room management APIs
Prepared modules and customisable APIs are available for WolfVision systems, enabling them to communicate with Room Control Systems via LAN or USB,
Free firmware updates
Free firmware updates help to extend the life of your investment.
Remote management tools
vSolution Link Pro software for easy remote setup, monitoring, management, and updating of systems.
Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-8.UHD, Remote
Infrared remote control
Convenient remote control for your Visualizer system

Upgrades & Accessories

Element 1@512x-8
vSolution App
vSolution App: Use our free app to remote control wirelessly from any mobile device (available for iOS, Android, Windows).
WolfVision Visualizer carrying case
Carrying Case
Add a carrying case to protect your investment when you're on the move.
Write on your Visualizer!
Optional dry-erase working surfaces enable users to write directly onto the Visualizer pick-up area during presentations.
RS232/LAN converter
A connection to devices via an RS232 port is possible by using an RS232/LAN converter. WolfVision recommends the fully compliant and tested adapter from AK-Nord. A customized version of the ConLineXXL adapter is available from WolfVision.

Similar products

Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-8neo+, Front
  • Image storage options
  • Live image preview monitor
  • Infrared remote control
  • 60 frames per second for outstanding imaging
Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-8.UHD, Front
  • Native 4K UHD Visualizer system
  • Touchscreen control & preview monitor
  • 4K recording & streaming
  • Remote management & updating
Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-9.4, Front
  • Award-winning design
  • High resolution camera
  • Full HD recording & streaming
  • Built to last

Visualizer case studies

The 21st century courtroom at the Arizona State University College of Law.
WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer installed in an auditorium at BI Norwegian Business school..
Two WolfVision VZ-9.4F Visualizers installed side by side at Heriot-Watt University.
Sabah Al-Salem University City, COAE, WolfVision Visualizer systems assist with live imaging of on-screen content.
The Desktop Visualizer picks up 3 dimensional objects and is then quickly and easily stored by attorneys after displaying important evidence.
Tokyo Keizai University, Japan: VZ-3neo installed without working plate, directly onto a classroom lectern.
Innovative teaching and social learning space at The University of Warwick, with twin WolfVision Visualizers installed to assist with on-screen presentation of handwriting and other materials
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Arizona State University - College of Law

High quality presentation of evidence on-screen

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BI Norwegian Business School

Visualizer systems - Built to last!

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Heriot-Watt University

VZ-9.4 Visualizer systems take centre stage

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Kuwait University: Sabah Al-Salem University City

Essential Visualizer imaging in the classroom

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Supreme Court of the State of New York

Comprehensive and detailed presentation of evidence in court

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Tokyo Keizai University

VZ-3neo Visualizer - Saving space on the classroom lectern

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University of Warwick

WolfVision Visualizers: Essential imaging in all classrooms

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